Mesmerizing and intricate, Richmond’s dissection of a California on the violent brink of secession from the nation provides the backdrop to her deeper inspection of the uneasy, fragile relationship between siblings…a riveting read. Booklist, starred review

Golden State Novel

Golden State – the novel
Gripping, multilayered, must-read fiction…” Library Journal, starred review

“There’s no denying the suspenseful thrill.” The Washington Times

“A stirring look at the ties that bind husband-wife, mother-child and even sisters, and what happens when they’re torn asunder. Set in a San Francisco chafing with unrest both political and personal, the world Richmond creates is exquisitely charged with regret and hope.-Family Circle

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Hum, winner of the Catherine Doctorow Innovative Fiction Prize 

“These stories are mesmerizing – sensual, beautifully imagined tales that lead us from the familiar to the intimately strange. Richmond writes as if she lives comfortably in this world and another dreamy, concurrent dimension that is achingly just beyond our ken.” Brad Watson, author of The Heaven of Mercury and Aliens in the Prime of Their Lives

“You can’t hide from Michelle Richmond. She knows your secrets, she gets under your skin. Few writers expose the mysteries of relationships–and love itself–as cannily, and with as much honest and deadly humor...” Peter Orner, author of Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge and Esther Stories

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Modern Shorts As always, I’m working on my next novel. In the fall, I donned my editor’s cap to compile and publish the anthology Modern Shorts: 18 Stories From Fiction Attic Press, featuring new fiction by up and coming writers. I’m currently curating the anthology Modern American Essays. Learn more at Fiction Attic.

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