Fog Photo Tour

Fog Photo Tour

“To become aware of the possibility of a search is to be onto something.
Not to be onto something is to be in despair.” ~Walker Percy, the Moviegoer

Robert Owens, Year of Fog photo tourIn 2007, I received an email from a photographer and sea captain named Robert Owen, who had embarked upon a journey to create a photographic record of the locations that inspired The Year of Fog.

“I’m a sea captain,” Owen wrote, “and I read your book miles away from San Francisco. During free time on the voyage, I re-read and indexed the novel’s scenes and places and felt strongly urged to trace the paths of your characters through their fictional world. The Year of Fog, its themes of search and memory, became an inspiration for my own search.” View the photographs here.

I am deeply grateful to Mr. Owen for his amazing photographs, and for his thorough, thoughtful, and beautiful tribute to the book in particular, and to the idea of a search in general.
Robert Owen, Year of Fog photo tour Robert Owen, Bashfull Bull TooRobert Owen, Holga

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