The Marriage Pact hits the Sunday Times bestseller list

The Marriage Pact hits the Sunday Times bestseller list

Last week, The Marriage Pact slid onto the Sunday Times bestseller list in the UK at number 10! We celebrated at home with a Twelfth Night Cake. I made the cake from a box (Duncan Hines devil’s food cake), my husband made his exceptionally good frosting out of nothing but heavy whipping cream and a hint of sugar, and we didn’t have a nut to put in the cake so we used a blueberry instead. We never found the blueberry–it was absorbed by the cake–so no one gets a prize or everyone gets a prize, we haven’t decided yet.

This week, it moved up to number 9! So we will celebrate with another cake, or maybe my husband’s famous chocolate chip cookies. (If we are super duper extra lucky and get a third week, I’m going to have to shift to celebrating with something that doesn’t involve brown sugar and butter).

Here’s a photo of The Marriage Pact along with the other fabulous Richard and Judy Book Club selections at Gatwick Airport in London. How long is your flight? Grab more than one!

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