The Marriage Pact paperback cover reveal

The Marriage Pact paperback cover reveal

I’m so happy to share the paperback cover of THE MARRIAGE PACT. The paperback will be released on April 10, 2018.

The Marriage Pact was reviewed earlier this month by Marisha Pessl for the New York Times. Pessl unpacks the changing nature of the modern literary thriller in Our Villains, Ourselves: A Modern Thriller Roundup.

In Michelle Richmond’s THE MARRIAGE PACT (Bantam, $27), a different kind of evil is in play, this one just as intangible and pernicious. Giddy and in love, two Bay Area newlyweds, Alice and Jake, receive a Molotov cocktail of a wedding present: an invitation to join “The Pact,” a hush-hush society-cum-cult, the details of which are pitched to them “Glengarry Glen Ross”-style by Vivian, a beautiful woman in a yellow dress with a politician’s pivot and spin.

The Pact is a “fellowship of like-minded individuals” dedicated to ensuring the survival of that exotic, captive animal known as your marriage. It was founded by an Irish woman named Orla who, sequestered on a remote island, wrote a step-by-step system for matrimony, one that is “highly effective, scientifically based.” Pact members will act unilaterally to keep you and your spouse together and happy, no matter what…It’s a fun, can’t-stop-eating-the-potato-chips kind of premise…”

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