our orwellian world

This excerpt from Emma Larkin’s Finding George Orwell in Burma seemed particularly appropos today:

The world of Nineteen Eighty-Four is divided into three powerful superstates…These three states are permanently at war with each other, fighting in the murky frontier areas between their territories…the war serves no purpose other than to boost nationalism and support for each ruling party…The important thing is the state of war itself…As the party slogan puts it, ‘War is Peace.’

In a characteristically irrational move, George W. Bush has chosen to blame Syria for Israel’s attack on Lebanon. Why not? It worked for him before. Just as he used Afghanistan’s Taliban as an excuse to invade Iraq–and, astonishingly, found widespread domestic support for this incredibly wayward logic–he now seems prepared to use the war between Hezbelloh and Israel as an incentive to invade Syria.

What a tragedy that the botched election of 2000 could have such far-reaching and devastating effects. Bush and Co. have created a global environment in which leaders find it perfectly acceptable to send bombs in lieu of diplomats, to turn to warfare as a kneejerk response rather than as a last resort.

Stephen Hawking’s open question on Yahoo is all too practical given the current state of international affairs: In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years? One might also ask how the human race can sustain another 919 days with George W. serving as the “leader of the free world.” Counting down? At Backwards Bush, the clock is running, so you can see exactly how many hours, days, minutes, and seconds you have left before you can throw that huge martini party.


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