What makes a great author website?

Web designer Brad Fitzgerald offers “6 Things Every Author Website Needs.”

Author Media has a similar list, 6 Things Readers Want from Your Website.

A couple of years ago, Huffington Post published a list of the 7 Best Author Websites.

My own website has been through many mutations, and I’ve tried out more than a dozen themes. A website is always a work in progress, but over the years, through trial and error, I’ve figured out what I want my site to do, although I admit it doesn’t always live up to the website I see in my head. It needs to feel clean, showcase the books effectively, have a personality, and make it easy for readers to get in touch. I’ve never hired a designer, in part because I have so much fun playing around with themes. This means I’ve dealt with a lot of funky code and unexpected blips.

I’d like to hear from readers: what do you think makes a great author website? How often do you go to an author’s website after reading his or her book? How much time do you spend there? When you go, what are you looking for? And how often do you sign up for author newsletters?

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