My Great Gray Reading Chair – Don Draper replaces Mr. Carson

written by Michelle on January 29, 2013 in Design and Ephemera and kitchen with no comments

I’m pleased to report that I’ve finally replaced my beloved old reading chair, which my then-boyfriend and I purchased on sale from Macy’s for our first San Francisco apartment back in 1999. It is a well-used chair that served us lovingly, kind of like Mr. Carson, but, like Mr. Carson,  it long ago began showing its age. It’s cozy but rumpled, quite a bit shabbier than it ever thought it would be. The new one, pictured below, is from the Chairs Event at One Kings Lane. I think it’s pretty subtle. I love the clean lines, the smart gray fabric;  it’s more Mad Men than Downtown Abby.

If  your home is in need of an update, head  over to the One Kings Lane Day of Furniture, which runs through Thursday, 1/21. I love the Benjamin Ottoman in steel (I’m sort of into gray right now), which would make a great coffee table or a practical statement piece opposite a sofa, where you want additional seating without the visual interruption of a chair or love seat

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