Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner

With The Killing–AMC’s moody Seattle-centric drama series about a smart, nervous, possibly mentally ill, and extremely dedicated female detective attempting to unravel the murder of a young girl–only a distant memory, I’ve been jonesing for a thriller with a woman in the starring role. (Yes, I am a novelist who wholeheartedly admits to watching TV, and not just Downton Abbey.) Series like The Killing are few and far between, but Lisa Gardner’s latest novel, Touch and Go, managed to momentarily fill the void.

The novel opens with the kidnapping of the wealthy Denbe family–the parents and a teenaged daughter–from their home. The investigation is complicated by the fact that the family are such pillars of the community that no one wants to step on their toes, and the company they own has hired its own investigator. Some posturing ensues–whose jurisdiction is it, just who gets to touch what evidence–though ultimately, the various parts find a way to work together. The large cast of characters includes the secretive family members, a bunch of bad-ass kidnappers, D.D. Warren (whom Gardner fans will recognize from the eponymous series),  and another recurring character, Tessa Leoni from Love You More. Added to the mix is a sheriff named Wyatt Foster. Gardner is masterful, of course, at creating suspense, and Touch & Go is no exception. This is a fun ride, a well-plotted pot-boiler that will keep you turning pages.

Note: This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.

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