Michelle Richmond Michelle Richmond is the New York Times bestselling author of four novels and two award-winning story collections, including Golden State, The Year of Fog, and Hum. She is the founder and publisher of Fiction Attic Press.
  • A Journey up the Yangtze River Through Three Gorges Dam There is the sound of a releasing, water rushing in, and the ship begins to rise. It feels as if we are on an enormous elevator. Despite the early hour, the bridge above us is crowded with onlookers—the usual assortment of crumpled workers and lackluster soldiers, along with lithe elderly people who continue with their […]
  • If I Were 22: A Few Things I’d Tell Myself If I Could Go Back in Time If I Were 22: A Few Things I’d Tell Myself, If I Could Go Back in Time If I were 22, I’d tell myself that all of those journals I painstakingly kept, scribbling away with colored pens while Enya’s voice spilled out of the boom box, would just end up gathering dust. I’d advise myself […]
  • Good Things to Read – Great Essays From Around the Web Looking for something good to read that’s shorter than a book but longer than a blog post? Here are a few well-researched, well-written essays and articles from the past few months that I keep coming back to: Science Stephen Hawking Thinks These 3 Things Could Destroy Humanity – via livescience No. 37: Big Wedding or […]
  • Haruki Murakami on Kindness and Clarity Why clear explanations are a matter of kindness, not to mention good storytelling I recently came across Paris Review interview with Haruki Murakami. When asked how he chooses his story line and his voice, Murakami says, I get some images and connect one piece to another. That’s the story line. Then I explain the story […]
  • First Draft Vs. Final Draft: Notes on the Art of Revision (Writing & Publishing Podcast) The latest episode of the Writing and Publishing podcast examines the difference between an inspired first draft and a compelling final draft.
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