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Novel Starter: 50 Days of Exercises and Advice to Get Your Novel off the Ground

About This Book

Wondering how to write a novel?

If you want to write a novel but don’t know where to begin, NOVEL STARTER is for you. The book contains 50 days of exercises and writing advice to help you begin your novel or stories using the fundamental elements of narrative craft: dialogue, setting and description, point of view, plot, and characterization.

Arranged in a daily progression to help you get the most out of your writing practice, the exercises in this workbook are the result of more than a decade of teaching. Craft-based exercises, free-flow exercises, and ten-minute prompts lead up to a series of imaginative flash fiction/chapter assignments. A Halfway There Self-Assessment helps your recognize your strengths and identify your subject.

Whether you want to begin working on a novel, punch up your dialogue, learn how to create dramatic tension, mine your life for material, find your voice, or craft a story for publication, this workbook will help you get your novel off the ground.

A great tool to take you into National Novel Writing Month. Writers who want to draft a complete novel should combine this workbook with The Paperclip Method: The No-Outline Novel Workbook.