• A Journey up the Yangtze River Through Three Gorges Dam There is the sound of a releasing, water rushing in, and the ship begins to rise. It feels as if we are on an enormous elevator. Despite the early hour, the bridge above us is crowded with onlookers—the usual assortment of crumpled workers and lackluster soldiers, along with lithe elderly people who continue with their […]
  • Lester the Minimalist 3D-Printed Book Holder – Old School Meets New School One of my favorite sources for design inspiration is Design Taxi. Today, Design Taxi shared images of Lester, a “3D printed book holder” by designers Ludwig Mattsson and Simon Eriksson (leave it to the Scandinavians to be the arbiters of cool). I was confused by the description at first. Does 3D printed book holder mean […]
  • 5 Odd & Wonderful Novels to Read This Spring (part 1) The Room, by Jonas Karlsson A delightfully strange, unflinchingly surreal novel that brings to mind Kafka and Hrabal. When a narcissistic government worker named Bjorn discovers a secret room, his co-workers, who do not believe the room exists, ostracize him. While in the room, however, Bjorn does his best work, making himself indispensable. The co-workers who […]
  • Coming of Age at the End of Days by Alice LaPlante If, like me, you were raised on a steady diet of Rapture sermons, you’ll find much to relate to in Coming of Age at the End of Days, the darkly entertaining novel of faith gone awry by Alice LaPlante, the bestselling author of Circle of Wives. Sixteen year old Anna, unpopular at school and searching […]
  • Golden State – the novel – Q&A How the novel Golden State came to be. Read the Q&A. Random House Reader’s Circle: Why did you decide to set the novel against the backdrop of a vote for secession? Michelle Richmond: I am fascinated by the fact that so often things that seem impossible are actually very much within the realm of possibility. […]
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