• 5 Stunning Examples of Flat Design 1. We begin our tour of gorgeous flat design with this surprising, eye-catching Darth Vader image by Portuguese designer Filipe Carvalho, who created a whole series of images based on the iconic characters. 2. Next up is The Hipster Alphabet, by Michael Mahaffey. On his website, Mahaffey describes this comprehensive series of alphabetical illustrations as an […]
  • 5 Classic Stocking Stuffers For the kiddos: Pick-Up Sticks from Motel Deluxe ($22.00) For the elegant beer guzzler: Red bottle hook (22.00) For the fidgeter: Electric yo yo (15.00) For the fun-loving gentleman: West Village Blue Cufflinks (19.00) For the warm-hearted: Red Gloves with Basket-Weave Cuff (29.00)
  • Cultivate a Shrine: can possessions make you happier? The September challenge in Gretchen Rubin’s Happier at Home focuses on possessions. Gretchen challenges the popular mandate to simplify your life by getting rid of everything that isn’t essential. Rubin argues that possessions–those that have sentimental value, or those that are useful, or those that serve symbolically to remind us of our relationships with people we […]
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