tonight at book passage

Don George, weekly travel columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and editor of the Lonely Planet humor anthology By the Seat of My Pants, will be at Book Passage in Corte Madera tonight at 7:00. I’ll be joining him to talk about my essay, “Blackout in Ushauia,” which involves an electrical outage at the Southern […]

doing time

Remember that piece in Harper’s a few months back wherein Lynn Freed compares teaching creative writing to suffering in a gulag? Did it seem a bit over-the-top? From the mind of Mark Pritchard, author of Too Beautiful and Other Stories and How I Adore You, comes a hilarious spoof, The Secret Diary of a Prisoner […]

fusion city!

Wondering what to do with your Monday night? Join me at San Francisco’s Edinburgh Castle Pub. Kate Braverman is hosting a new series billed as a “literary talk show,” and this is the second event in the series. We’ll sort of be talking about first novels, but with Kate at the helm, anything could happen. […]