join me on talk of the nation tomorrow!

Tomorrow, I’ll be on Talk of the Nation with Don George, editor of the Lonely Planet humor anthology By the Seat of My Pants, and other contributors to the anthology. I’ll be talking about my essay, “Blackout in Ushuaia.” The show airs from noon to 12:40 Pacific time on NPR. The San Francisco station is KQED (88.5 FM). If you’re on the East Coast, the show airs at 3:00 on your local NPR station

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here’s a headline from the “huh?” files

Michael Brown to Start Emergency Planning Consulting BusinessYes, I’m a fiction writer, but no, I didn’t make this up. I mean, this is way too out there to be a convincing fiction. I’ve been trying to find something to compare this to. It ain’t easy, but here’s a try. Former FEMA director Michael Brown starting an emergency planning consulting business is equivalent to:
~Tonya Harding opening a finishing school for girls
~Claire Danes giving acting lessons
~George W. Bush penning a text on grammar and usage
Tonya Harding, long ago

Got one to add? Send it on!

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small press

The Millions points to a cool new independent press out of Seattle, Clear Cut Press, notable for its pocket-sized tomes with detachable covers. The press’s debut title is the anthology The Clear Cut Future, which includes fiction, memoir, poetry, polemical essays, lyrical research, archival texts, photography, painting, and other arts from Clear Cut authors.

For the subscription price of $65, you’ll receive eight Clear Cut titles. Unfortunately, the subscription page on Clear Cut’s web site appears to be out of date, so you should ask before subscribing to determine which titles are included in the offer.

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booknote: involuntary lyrics

Read Ron Silliman on Aaron Shurin’s new collection of poems, Involuntary Lyrics, just out from Omnidawn Press:

Do you know that experience where you sit down with a new CD & understand within its first few bars that your whole idea of music needs to change? That was how I felt reading this first poem, entitled “I” – the numeral, not the letter – the first of 80-some sonnets gathered together in Aaron Shurin’s brand new Involuntary Lyrics…

cover story: The cover features a photo of a porcelain bust by Chinese artist Ah Xian, whose intriguing life-sized sculptures are overlaid with with collage.

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litquiz 2 – play it again

In what novel of Eastern European origin does the narrator find inspiration in an old book shelved in a friend’s house, a book which conjures the likes of Johnny St. Cyr, Tixie Smith, Bud Freeman, and Bix Beiderbecke?

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