• Fundamentals of Fiction Writing Online Fiction Writing Course My new online writing class, Fundamentals of Fiction Writing, is now open for enrollment. This is a self-paced, nine-week course. You may begin the class at any time. In this course, you will learn how to write a story or novel using the fundamental building blocks of fiction. The course is divided into nine sections. […]
  • How to End a Story Stories are like relationships: the beginning is always so much fun, and the ending is fraught with turmoil. When I sit down to start a story, the first sentence just sort of comes to me. The second sentence too. If I’m lucky, the third swiftly follows. The inimitable short story writer Kate Braverman once told a […]
  • The Rumpus Interview with Thaisa Frank This week, Yuvi Zalkow interviewed Thaisa Frank for The Rumpus. They met at the bar of the Hotel Rex, where Frank, author most recently of Enchantment, talked about where stories come from, among other things. I’ve long admired Frank, beginning with her story collection A Brief History of Camouflage, have often taught her work in […]
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