Found at Green Apple

Books I’ve come across by accident at my neighborhood bookstore, Green Apple on Clement Street in San Frnacisco.

  • literary hot spots Author and editor Jordan Rosenfeld (Make a Scene: Crafting a Powerful Story One Scene at a Time) pays tribute to San Francisco’s “literary hot spots” in this article for Writer’s Digest. Jordan mentions the historic Caffe Trieste (this is the place that local writer Junvenal Acosta, among others, sometimes refers to as his office), the […]
  • Get thee to Green Apple Green Apple Books is practically giving away books, people. Actually, the ongoing Warehouse Clearance Sale is coming to an end. All used books are now $2.98 or less. That’s a dollar less than a gallon of gas. A more on-point comparison: $2.98 is just a few cents over half of the five dollar penalty for […]
  • On Memory Ryszard Kapuscinski on Herodotus as the first journalist, in Travels with Herodotus. His task is complex: on the one hand, he knows that the most precious and almost the only source of knowledge is the memory of those he meets; on the other hand, he is aware that this memory is a fragile thing, volatile […]
  • Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name At five p.m. on December 16, my mother called me into her study. I waited until she said my name twice, so I didn’t appear too eager. There is something quietly heartbreaking in these words, spoken by the narrator of Vendela Vida’s lovely second novel, Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name. Some years before […]
  • steve katz, + notebook nirvana Again, in honor of EWN’s short story month: 43 Fictions, by Steve Katz. Published by Sun & Moon Press, 1992. I picked this up at Green Apple a couple of years ago. This snappy compilation contains very short stories from several of Katz’s previous published collections. A sampling from the story “Parcel of Wrists:” In […]
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