Afghan Women’s Writing Project

In the two-part essay I Am for Sale an Afghan woman describes the terror that she and her immediate family faced when she refused a marriage arranged by her uncle.

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project is the brainchild of Bay Area novelist Masha Hamilton (The Camel Bookmobile, 31 Hours), who first visited Afghanistan in 2004. Inspired by the courage of the women she met there, she created a place for Afghan women to share their stories, anonymously and uncensored. Read more about it here.

Women Writing Under Surveillance in China

From PEN America:

Five months exactly before the opening of the Beijing Olympics on August 8, International PEN is marking International Women’s Day on March 8 by celebrating the work of three women writers under threat in China: Zeng Jinyan, Tsering Woeser and Li Jianhong. While not actually detained, they are among the many lesser-known dissidents suffering wide-ranging forms of harassment, including brief detentions, periods of house arrest, travel restrictions, loss of work, denial of access to information and communications, heavy surveillance and censorship.

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Go here to send a letter of appeal to the Chinese government. This link includes a sample letter which you can sign and print out.