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Which Fitbit should I choose?

Which Fitbit should I choose?

Fitbit One

Fitbit One vs. Fitbit Force – Why I Chose the Fitbit One

After a couple of years of use, my first-generation Fitbit finally broke, with a little help from my kid. It didn’t stop recording steps, but the casing cracked when my son tried to pry it apart, making it impossible to wear.

I was secretly happy, as I’d been eyeing the more recent Fitbit gadgets. I did considerable research comparing the Fitbit Flex, the Fitbit Force, the Fitbit One, and the Fitbit Zip. I chose the Fitbit One, and I’ll explain why:

The Fitbit One, like the original Fitbit, clips to your belt or bra.  It tracks steps and distance, along with number of floors climbed (handy if you have stairs at home or at work and you want to be reminded to use them), calories burned, general activity level, and sleep patterns. It wirelessly syncs to your Mac or PC. And it also shows the time and will even wake you in the morning with a silent alarm. The online interface is better than ever, and the new itty-bitty syncing doc is much more convenient than the syncing hardware that went with the original Fitbit ultra. Now, you can easily keep the doc plugged into your Mac or PC at all times.

The Fitbit Force tracks all the same stuff as the One, with the added benefit of goal setting, and you wear it on your wrist like a watch. After reading a bunch of online reviews, I came to the conclusion that the Force is probably less accurate than the One because of its placement. With the Force, you run the risk of getting a higher than accurate reading on steps. For example, if I were wearing the Force right now, instead of the One, I might get steps for typing, or even for lifting my coffee cup to my mouth. Because accuracy is the most important thing to me, I chose the One, which, happily, is only $99.95 (as opposed to $129.95 for the Force).

However, if it’s important to you to have access to the readings at all times without sticking your hand down the front of your shirt, I’d recommend the Force, and accept that it may be giving your credit for a few steps you didn’t actually take.

The Fitbit Flex, which, like the Fitbit One, is priced at $99.95, tracks steps and sleep, but does not track floors climbed. It also doesn’t have a watch, and the display is, in my opinion, not very helpful. It uses dots, rather than numbers, so in order to know how many steps you’ve taken, you have to check your stats online. I think that of all the products in the Fitbit line, the Flex is the one that I wouldn’t recommend at all. If you want to go with a wristband, shell out the extra $29 to get a much better user experience.

Bargain option: The Fitbit Zip

If you’re looking for the least expensive option, the Fitbit Zip is a bargain at $59.95. It’s the cutest of the fitbits by far, and, like the One, it clips to your belt or bra. The big downside of the Zip is that it doesn’t track your sleep. Since sleep tracking is one of my favorite functions in the fitbit line (for example, I noticed that when I took prescription cough medicine after a bout with bronchitis, I slept WAY more than any other night), the Zip was a no-go for me.

Verdict: Fitbit One wins. Highly recommended

I’ve been using the Fitbit One daily since December 5, and I love it. It helps me to meet my goal of 10,000 steps a day, it’s comfortable to wear during the day as well as at night (a soft, stretchy, armband is provided for nighttime use), and the battery lasts forever. The syncing function is vastly improved over my first Fitbit. The Fitbit One is by far the best hundred bucks you’ll spend on fitness this year.

Get the Fitbit.

Missed Connections in San Francisco

Missed Connections in San Francisco

Occasionally, I browse the missed connections on Craigslist and just to see who’s missing whom. Sometimes they’re creepy, sometimes they’re desperate, and sometimes they’re really sweet. Reading the missed connections is a bit like watching a movie, in which the plot has already happened, and yet you can’t help yelling at the characters, “Just get her number!”

Today, I came across this charming missed connection that occurred in an operating room at California Pacific Medical Center:

Operating Room Nurse CPMC – m4w – 32 (laurel hts / presidio)

I wish I had remembered your name when I woke up from surgery at the CPMC on California Street a few weeks ago. On our short walk into the OR we joked about how good we looked in our matching blue/green scrub caps. I had a strong tolerance for anesthesia before the parotidectomy, I wish we could have talked afterwards but the anesthesia had me out cold for a few extra hours. When I did wake up you were gone, but I managed to tell everyone in the recovery room about how gorgeous you were….
By the way, I looked up parotidectomy: 

This fellow fell in love at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Santa Rosa:

Beautiful girl who caught my eye @ St. Joseph’s Hospital 2nd floor 220 hallway..

We saw each other a few times and were even in the same room. The 2nd floor of St. Joseph’s hospital. It sounded like your first name was my last name. Your hair, your style, even the way you walk cannot slip my mind. You were wearing black Tom’s and pants with a navy blue top. I was the white male wearing black shorts/shirt with a gray hat.. I’m beating myself up for not trying to talk to you.. I hope you find this soon..

Continuing the medical theme, albeit in a rather unromantic way, is this lady, who was suffering from a “bloody wound on back of head” on the sidewalk when a knight in shining armor gave her a ride to the emergency room. (He was a paramedic, so it was sort of his job).

2 male paramedics, King American, you drove me to St. Luke’s 11/6 – w4m (potrero hill)

I am desperately seeking the kind paramedic gentlemen who drove me from the corner of Potrero Ave. and Mariposa to St. Luke’s emergency on Wednesday night (Thursday morning) around midnight. King American is the ambulance company. 30s? ish? Me: Brunette, fainted on sidewalk, bloody wound on back of head.This is not a romantic missed connection, but simply a strong need to go over some details of that evening of my head injury. I need your help, and it will be brief. If you are they or know of them, please connect us. Thanks.



Help for email addicts

Help for email addicts

I love this infographic, featured in the book The Best American Infographics 2013 (ed. Gareth Cook),which is every bit as addictive as email: Should I Check E-mail, is by Wendy MacNaughton.



5 Classic Stocking Stuffers

5 Classic Stocking Stuffers

For the kiddos: Pick-Up Sticks from Motel Deluxe ($22.00)

For the elegant beer guzzler: Red bottle hook (22.00)

For the fidgeter: Electric yo yo (15.00)

For the fun-loving gentleman: West Village Blue Cufflinks (19.00)

For the warm-hearted: Red Gloves with Basket-Weave Cuff (29.00)



Everyone’s #RomoBombing over at Twitter for a chance to win tickets to see the San Francisco Giants in the world series. I had to give it a go.

Definition of RomoBombing: An ecstatic expression of unbridled joy unleashed in the immediate aftermath of a beautiful catch, a hard-earned run, or any mind-blowing play on the baseball diamond, made famous by SF Giants pitcher Sergio Romo. Includes leaping into the air while pumping the arms in a hugging motion and lifting the face toward heaven while jerking the head back and forth. Tends to energize large crowds of people wearing orange.

 Romobombing also be applied to everyday situations. Did you just get promoted, say I Do, give birth, hit the bestseller list? Time to RomoBomb.

How to RomoBomb:

Download the picture of Sergio Romo doing his victory dance, and do a mash-up with other photos. Add your witty text, then tweet it with the hashtag #RomoBomb or #RomoBombing Add a shout-out to @SFGiants or @SergioRomo54

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