• Which Fitbit should I choose? Fitbit One vs. Fitbit Force – Why I Chose the Fitbit One After a couple of years of use, my first-generation Fitbit finally broke, with a little help from my kid. It didn’t stop recording steps, but the casing cracked when my son tried to pry it apart, making it impossible to wear. I was […]
  • Missed Connections in San Francisco Occasionally, I browse the missed connections on Craigslist and missedconnections.com just to see who’s missing whom. Sometimes they’re creepy, sometimes they’re desperate, and sometimes they’re really sweet. Reading the missed connections is a bit like watching a movie, in which the plot has already happened, and yet you can’t help yelling at the characters, “Just […]
  • Help for email addicts I love this infographic, featured in the book The Best American Infographics 2013 (ed. Gareth Cook),which is every bit as addictive as email: Should I Check E-mail, is by Wendy MacNaughton.
  • 5 Classic Stocking Stuffers For the kiddos: Pick-Up Sticks from Motel Deluxe ($22.00) For the elegant beer guzzler: Red bottle hook (22.00) For the fidgeter: Electric yo yo (15.00) For the fun-loving gentleman: West Village Blue Cufflinks (19.00) For the warm-hearted: Red Gloves with Basket-Weave Cuff (29.00)
  • RomoBomb Everyone’s #RomoBombing over at Twitter for a chance to win tickets to see the San Francisco Giants in the world series. I had to give it a go. Definition of RomoBombing: An ecstatic expression of unbridled joy unleashed in the immediate aftermath of a beautiful catch, a hard-earned run, or any mind-blowing play on the […]
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