• What’s creepier than Ted Haggard? Narcissism reaches new heights with the My Twinn doll! You send in a photo, and in four weeks, voila, they send you a doll with your coloring, hairstyle, and lips. If you look closely at the My Twinn photo gallery, you’ll notice that all of the faces are almost identical, save for the shading and […]
  • richmond in the richmond: balboa movie theater The Balboa theater is Simply the best neighborhood theatre in San Francisco. (Okay, the Castro and the Roxie are certainly contendors, but I’m biased, as it takes me only about two minutes to walk to the Balboa). Unpretentious. Excellent popcorn. If you get on the mailing list, owner Gary Meyer will keep you updated on […]
  • Bay Crossing Weird films abound on You Tube. Ever cross San Francisco Bay in a home-made rowboat? The Exercise: Write about an ill-advised undertaking. Or write about a watery adventure.
  • Inside the Authors’ Studio, & Pluto’s Downfall Katia Noyes, author of Crashing America, has just put up a wickedly funny faux interview on her blog, called What Authors Really Want, wherein she chats with Author Famous Head, Author Amazing, Author Sincere Dyke, Author Obscure Lesbian, and Author Special Press, among others. Plus, new on Segundo! Ed Champion interviews Jonathan Safron Foer and […]
  • more on the city by the bay Nicki Richesin just posed a few San Francisco questions for me on her May Queen blog, 3 Things Before 40. Discussed: favorite SF view, best date restaurant, what people should know about SF, escaping the city, etc.
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