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LIFE Act goes before Gov. Jerry Brown

LIFE Act goes before Gov. Jerry Brown

Two bills that form a crucial part of the Lifesaving Intelligent Firearms Enforcement Act are now before Governor Brown. They are:

SB 374: strengthens and broadens the law on assault weapons.

SB 755: helps keep guns out of the hands of people who’ve shown dangerous or risky conduct related to firearms, ammunition or substance abuse.

Read a brief article about the LIFE Act legislation, which was approved by the California state senate in May. Or read a more comprehensive breakdown of the seven bills contained in the legislation.

The package of bills approved also includes:

– Prohibiting detachable magazines in semiautomatic rifles

– Expanding the list of offenders banned from owning a gun

– Barring the possession of large-capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds

-Requiring buyers to obtain a permit, which must be shown for every ammunition purchase

Make your voice heard. Go here to urge Brown to sign the bills into law.


President Obama calls on parents to launch a sustained effort to end gun violence

President Obama calls on parents to launch a sustained effort to end gun violence

President Obama addressed the nation this morning, one week after the Sandy Hook massacre that left twenty small children and six educators dead. He responded specifically to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have signed petitions at asking for the White House to address gun violence. This morning’s address is a welcome signal of our president’s commitment to take firm and decisive action at this time of national mourning, when the conversation about gun rights has shifted. Obama says that, while “the second amendment guarantees the individual right to bear arms,” certain changes are necessary and sensible, changes that “both protect our rights and protect our kids,” and have received the support not just of gun control advocates but also of responsible gun owners.

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