• If I Were 22: A Few Things I’d Tell Myself If I Could Go Back in Time If I Were 22: A Few Things I’d Tell Myself, If I Could Go Back in Time If I were 22, I’d tell myself that all of those journals I painstakingly kept, scribbling away with colored pens while Enya’s voice spilled out of the boom box, would just end up gathering dust. I’d advise myself […]
  • Good Things to Read – Great Essays From Around the Web Looking for something good to read that’s shorter than a book but longer than a blog post? Here are a few well-researched, well-written essays and articles from the past few months that I keep coming back to: Science Stephen Hawking Thinks These 3 Things Could Destroy Humanity – via livescience No. 37: Big Wedding or […]
  • Haruki Murakami on Kindness and Clarity Why clear explanations are a matter of kindness, not to mention good storytelling I recently came across Paris Review interview with Haruki Murakami. When asked how he chooses his story line and his voice, Murakami says, I get some images and connect one piece to another. That’s the story line. Then I explain the story […]
  • First Draft Vs. Final Draft: Notes on the Art of Revision (Writing & Publishing Podcast) The latest episode of the Writing and Publishing podcast examines the difference between an inspired first draft and a compelling final draft.
  • How to Find a Literary Agent Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts while spring cleaning. I enjoy the format so much (particularly a podcast called The Heart of Organizing) that I decided to start my own podcast. It’s now live, and the first episode is How to Find a Literary Agent. In this 8-minute podcast, I talk about […]
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