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Holiday hostess gift idea : Serving Trays

Holiday hostess gift idea : Serving Trays

Serving trays make a great, practical hostess gift for the holidays and beyond. I use them around the house to corral everything from keys to stacks of magazines and manuscript pages. When people come over, I clear them out and use them to serve drinks. Visit today’s One King’s Lane sale to see trays in a beautiful array of shapes and sizes, from brightly colored lacquered trays to luxurious statement pieces made of  leather, onyx, and bone.

Love the green chevron pattern and tasteful green of this tray made of inlaid bone.

This bright red tray with handles would be perfect for serving up holiday cocktails.

Or get a set of four brightly colored wooden lacquered trays and spread the love.


I love this metal lazy susan in tangerine orange.

The cowhide and leather tray, crafted by Columbian artisans, is too pretty to put anything in! It would make a great coffee table centerpiece.

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Antique stockings & vintage holiday decor

Antique stockings & vintage holiday decor

Make your December merry and bright with these antique French Christmas stockings. The linen stockings date from the 19th century and are in excellent condition. A beautiful bit of holiday cheer to hand down to the next generation.

Mercury glass is always beautiful, but it’s especially fitting for the holidays. This mercury bottle would look beautiful on a holiday table.

This vintage silverplate candle shade will add sparkle to your table or mantle.


A vintage sled makes an interesting addition to a family room wall, or propped against a roaring fireplace. This sled from One Kings Lane was manufactured by the Winner Manufacturing Co. of Trenton, NJ in the 1940s. It has original patina and manufacturer’s label underneath.

Shop this and other vintage holiday decor, and receive $15 off a purchase of $30 when you sign up with One Kings Lane.

Industrial home design: wood and steel furniture

Industrial home design: wood and steel furniture

  I love the industrial look of metal, wood, and steel in the home. Like this industrial bench, a great piece for the entryway, $549 at One Kings Lane. Mix industrial furniture with more traditional pieces for an eclectic home that looks comfortable and modern, not over-designed. This industrial coffee table adds architectural interest for only $169.

This iron bar stool has a beautiful, simple lines. Fits perfectly in a modern kitchen and adds interest to a kind of “found object” interest to a more traditional kitchen. $129.

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If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, try these 5 great DIY industrial furniture projects at HGTV.

Great Design for Kids – Modern Kids Bedroom

Great Design for Kids – Modern Kids Bedroom

One of the things I love about modern design is the sense of negative space, the clean lines and fluidity of a sparsely outfitted room. A modern design aesthetic works especially well in a kids’ room. Clutter creates chaos, while minimal design creates a sense of calm that’s good for kids’ brains, as well as their bodies. While it’s impossible to keep a kids’ room spotless, a clean desk makes an inviting space for homework and projects, and a well-made bed makes the whole room feel more restful.

Donald Table, Dark Blue – $179.00

from: One Kings Lane

Kids room tip: Since most kids don’t need tons of space for their clothes, the closet is a great place to store toys. For my son’s closet, I bought a sturdy plastic shelving unit and a few canvas bins to hold toys, balls, costumes, and lego boxes. Hanging racks at the top hold shirts he doesn’t wear often or that aren’t good for folding. The majority of his clothes are in a simple wood dresser.

Toy storage tip: Instead of making sure every toy has its place (a losing battle), have a couple of areas in the room to corral toys. Your child should be able to do a 5-minute pickup by piling toys into a toy box or bins. I love this hot pink trunk–which adds a lot of color to a kid’s room while keeping mess hidden away.

Toy Box, Hot Pink – $239.00

from: One Kings Lane

Starting today, One Kings Lane is launching multiple sales on great gifts in toys and design for kids.

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A Few of My Favorite (Vintage) Things

A Few of My Favorite (Vintage) Things

One of the best ways to add charm and beauty to a room, as well as a sense of very personal style, is to mix new investment pieces with vintage finds. Vintage furniture  layered with well-made essentials (indestructible sofas, dressers with sturdy drawers) create a sense of history in your home. Here are a few of my favorite vintage pieces and flea market finds.

A note on vintage dining tables:
A sturdy table with good bones will ground your dining room. A dining table is a place to tell stories and reconnect with family at the end of each day. It’s a place to feel completely, undeniably at home. It should have plenty of room for spreading out. It shouldn’t be too trendy, and of course, it should feel warm and friendly. When I was growing up, we had a glass dining table that made lots of noise and showed every fingerprint. It was very eighties and terribly uncomfortable. Now, I gravitate to warm, inviting wood tabletops and dining chairs with no upholstery. Butter and upholstery do not mix!

vintage wood top harvest table

Vintage decanters & vases
A well-chosen, sculptural vintage vase will add dimension to a bookcase, console table, or other display area.

Vintage Decanters, Set of 2 – $149.00

from: One Kings Lane

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