• How to be happy: 5 Simple Everyday Rituals for a Happier Life I’ve recently been inspired by Robert Arbor’s sweet guide to French living, Joie de Vivre. Arbor, a French restauranteur who sings the praises of peaceful breakfasts, family gardens, trips to le marche, leeks, love, and homemade jam. The book reminded me how much happiness we can derive from simple, everyday rituals. Read more about simplicity. Here […]
  • and all the ships at sea I wanted to share an interesting email I received last week from a reader: I’m a Marine stationed over at Camp Pendleton in California. While I was on deployment, I found The Year Of Fog in the small ship library…I was a part of an expeditionary unit sitting off the coast of Burma last year […]
  • My Year of Questions Please visit and bookmark my new blog, My Year of Questions As the mother of a six-year-old boy, my days, more often than not, begin with questions. Our son has a habit of bounding into our bed around six each morning and awakening us with something like this: “Who would win in a fight–Batman or […]
  • Which would you choose? I recently came across an interesting exercise, in which you are asked to read a paragraph about two very different sorts of lives, and choose which one you would prefer to live. Choice one: the world adores you and bows to you, and all is beautiful, comfortable, and glorious…with a catch. In the other, you […]
  • Would you read a story on your iphone? I don’t have a Kindle yet, or a Nook, or an ipad. But I do have an iphone, on which I occasionally read short sections of books while waiting in the security line at the airport. Although I’ll never, ever give up ink-and-paper books, I can imagine a kind of reading schizophrenia, wherein I read […]
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