Brilliant Summer Books

This month’s online issue of the British magazine Easy Living features Culture Editor Beatrice Hodgkin’s round-up of “brilliant summer books.” The list includes The Whole Wide Beauty, by Emily Woof, The Day the Falls Stood Still, by Cathy Marie Buchanan, Tell it to the Bees, by Fiona Shaw, The Vice Society, by James McCreet, Love […]

Thank you, Sarah Broadhurst!

Today from The Daily Mail, to mark the British publication of The Year of Fog: In just two novels (No One you Know was the first), Michelle Richmond has established herself as mistress of the kind of literary mystery which packs the punch of a fine thriller but with added insight and wisdom…Mesmerising and harrowing, […]

Life imitates fiction: Fog spoiler alert!

When I read this article about three little girls who were kidnapped by their father in 2007, I was struck by the uncanny similarities to The Year of Fog, particularly regarding the girls’ eventual recovery. The girls, who were abducted from their mother, Christine Bedford, during a custody visit with their father, David Matusiewicz, were […]