L’annee brouillard, Sophie Aslanides’s translation of The Year of Fog, is back on the bestseller lists in France, according to Online Star. The Turkish publication reports on the top ten bestselling books in several countries (scroll down to see French list). Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife is number one in England.

Breaking through the fog in France

An article in the French newspaper Le Figaro today on the biggest successes of the summer quotes Laurence Deschamps, the president of the major French retailer Fnac, on the state of book sales. Deschamps says that numbers are up from last year, and two books in particular are breaking records: Toni Morrison’s A Mercy and […]

Is this a parallel universe?

Here’s the new British cover for The Year of Fog. It was kind of surreal to see the “International Bestseller” tagline above the title, considering the book’s lowly beginnings. The manuscript made the rounds of New York publishing houses for a year, under the tireless efforts of my wonderful agent, before Caitlin Alexander, a young […]

summer reading

England’s The Daily Mail included NO ONE YOU KNOW in its “ultimate summer reading list,” published today, along with fourteen other titles. Meanwhile, the book critic for ELLE France named L’Annee brouillard, the French translation of The Year of Fog (translated by Sophie Aslanides) “the book of summer” on the popular French television program Tele […]

Fog in the morning…in France

Here’s a screenshot of Olivia de Lamberterie talking about L’Anee brouillard, the French translation of The Year of Fog, today on French television, for the Telematin program. And here’s Lamberterie’s very kind review of the book: Sur une plage à San Francisco, une jeune photographe avec sa belle fille (la fille de son fiancé) de […]