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  1. I have received several free books in the mail from Random House. Two by Lisa See, Rizzoli & Iles and just recently one about Mother Teresa. My book club has read both of the Lisa See books.
    Thanks for the free books. I\/We loved them.
    What wonderful support for Book Clubs and Book lovers.
    Fran Friday

  2. I am the author of Fail to the Chief, a political satire in which I imagine the current presidential election as a reality show to find the next POTUS. I would love to be interviewed for Sans Serif’s Author Interviews section. Here’s my book description:
    After years of emceeing insipid singing competitions, TV personality Bryan Seafoam can’t wait to host “American President,” the world’s first reality show to elect a president of the United States. Finally, an opportunity to be a real journalist, digging up dirt and playing hardball with the top ten candidates.
    But it doesn’t take long for the contestants to start slinging mud at Bryan – literally, when billionaire candidate Ronald Chump is challenged to dig his proposed moat along the Mexican-American border himself. Forced to work in a fast food restaurant, an anti-minimum-wage-hike candidate learns his coworkers are struggling to survive with multiple jobs and claims to have solved the unemployment problem in his state-leaving Bryan to duck ketchup bombs from customers. To make matters worse, Bryan’s producer pressures him to be nicer to the candidates, and his former crush, now an experienced political correspondent, shows up-and shows him up at every turn.
    When a cheating scandal rocks the show, Bryan begins to suspect it’s just the tip of a very underhanded iceberg. Will trying to expose a plot to wreck the most hysterical, er, historic election in history cost Bryan his career-and his personal life?
    I would love to be interviewed for your blog. I have attached a file with my social media links. Thank you for your time an consideration.
    W.T. Fallon

    1. Hi W.T. Thank you for your inquiry about being interviewed for Sans Serif. I don’t currently do author interviews, but it’s a good idea and I will look into doing that in the future. Currently, I’m too strapped for time to include this feature. Thank you for reaching out.

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