A Few of My Favorite (Vintage) Things

A Few of My Favorite (Vintage) Things

One of the best ways to add charm and beauty to a room, as well as a sense of very personal style, is to mix new investment pieces with vintage finds. Vintage furniture  layered with well-made essentials (indestructible sofas, dressers with sturdy drawers) create a sense of history in your home. Here are a few of my favorite vintage pieces and flea market finds.

A note on vintage dining tables:
A sturdy table with good bones will ground your dining room. A dining table is a place to tell stories and reconnect with family at the end of each day. It’s a place to feel completely, undeniably at home. It should have plenty of room for spreading out. It shouldn’t be too trendy, and of course, it should feel warm and friendly. When I was growing up, we had a glass dining table that made lots of noise and showed every fingerprint. It was very eighties and terribly uncomfortable. Now, I gravitate to warm, inviting wood tabletops and dining chairs with no upholstery. Butter and upholstery do not mix!

vintage wood top harvest table

Vintage decanters & vases
A well-chosen, sculptural vintage vase will add dimension to a bookcase, console table, or other display area.

Vintage Decanters, Set of 2 – $149.00

from: One Kings Lane

Vintage seating
This one-of-a-kind stool would look beautiful tucked into a corner of the living room, or set across from a sofa or love seat.

Vintage Ironwork Stool – $275.00

from: One Kings Lane

Vintage accent tables
These vintage French nesting tables, constructed of brass and glass, would look elegant in both modern and traditional settings. I love the versatility, and the way the tables seem to float. The clean lines and glass make them great for small rooms.

French Vintage Brass Nesting Tables II – $899.00

from: One Kings Lane

Vintage prints
A really affordable way to add texture and interest to a room is with vintage artwork. Here, two framed prints with a sweet Italian feel.

Vintage 1940s Racing Bicycle Print – $85.00

from: One Kings Lane

Vintage Italian Scooter Print – $36.00

from: One Kings Lane

A note on what to buy old:

Tables, dressers, mirrors, vintage art, and beautiful statement pieces like cut crystal are good bets. Some people love vintage upholstery, but, fearful as I am of creatures, I tend to shy away from vintage linens and anything that might be a home for dust mites.

A note on what to buy new:
Sofas! In our family room, which sees a lot of traffic and loads of food spills (we don’t stand on ceremony, and I’m not the kind to tell my kid he can’t eat popcorn while watching the Giants tie up the play-offs!), we have a leather sofa from Room & Board. It wasn’t cheap, but now that we’ve had it for seven years, it’s proved to be a great value.  Value is not directly proportionate to price. An  item of furniture is a good value if it lasts, if it sees you through years of use, if it becomes as intrinsic to the home as your favorite pot or cookie sheet.



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