Story Starters: A Workbook for Writers

Sometimes the hardest part about being a writer is getting the first words on the page. Story Starters: A Workbook for Writers, will banish writer’s block, spark your imagination, and get your writing off the ground.

Arranged in a daily progression to help you get the most out of your writing practice, the fifty exercises in this workbook are the result of more than a decade of teaching creative writing and literature. I’ve selected the exercises that proved the most valuable for my graduate students and private creative writing students over the years.

Craft-based exercises, free-flow exercises, and ten-minute prompts lead up to a series of flash fiction assignments. A Halfway There Self-Assessment helps your recognize your strengths and identify your subject. By the end of 50 days, you will have written several complete short-short stories, and will have planted the seeds for many other stories, a novel, or a memoir. 138 pages. Includes roomy pages for writing, as well as inspiring literary quotes and notes on narrative craft.

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