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Dream of the Blue Room

ISBN: 978-0553386547

About This Book

Jenny and Amanda Ruth were best friends in a small Alabama town until Amanda Ruth was murdered. Now, fourteen years later, Jenny has traveled with her husband to China to scatter Amanda Ruth’s ashes and finally fulfill her friend’s dream of visiting her Chinese father’s homeland. It is also, Jenny hopes, an opportunity to reconnect with her estranged husband, Dave.

Jenny and Dave arrive in China in the midst of the Three Gorges Dam project and embark on a cruise up the Yangtze River. Her first night on the ship, Jenny meets Graham, a man with whom she shares and instant connection. After Dave makes it clear that the marriage cannot be saved, Jenny falls into a passionate affair with Graham. As the ship moves slowly through the heart of the country, Jenny watches the landscape change before her eyes, as ancient cities are inundated with water. Jenny’s own memories–of her intense intimacy with Amanda Ruth, and the small town prejudice that threatened their friendship–begin to surface. When Graham reveals his own reason for being on the ship, Jenny is faced with an unthinkable choice.

Dream of the Blue Room is a deeply erotic novel that raises provocative questions about what we choose to bury, and what rises to the surface. It is also a lush journey into a landscape that, since the publication of this novel in 2003, has been inexorably altered by the construction of the Three Gorges Dam.